Friday, May 24, 2019

Prom: The End

Today is my last post about Prom for Clane.
Umi is soooo excited!

The gang

I tried to pin the boutonniere on...

Still trying.....


Calling in reinforcements from Andrew

I love this photo of David talking to Mr. Nielson,
who called from North Carolina
before the two of them left for the night.

"She'll be home by midnight, I swear."
 About 30 minutes after David picked up Claire, 
Jane's date, Philip, arrived, but sadly Justin had left.
I don't have the super high-quality photos for Jane's 
pick-up experience as I do, Claire.
But they are still adorable!
Again, Andrew comes to the rescue and attached Philip's
boutonniere to his lapel.

The End!
Oh yeah, Lottie was there too.
I'm not sure where she was exactly, but she was 
definitely in Provo with us.

Spiritual Enlightenment: The Joy of Womanhood

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