Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Wild Florida

This morning after some delicious Acai bowls in downtown Cocoa Beach,
we drove to the Wild Florida park about an hour away.
Wild Florida is AMAZING.
If you have the opportunity, GO GO GO GO!
We enjoyed a fabulous airboat ride (my favorite part), 
a very personal tour of the park, and
 held and fed gators, birds, and other exotic animals.
The weather couldn't have been nicer.
Then we finished off the day with an amazing and epic Swamp Slushy.
It hit the spot.
A GIANT HUGE thank you to Sam and Kara, (and the Munns family)
for the amazing experience at their park.
My kids will be talking about this memory together until the
day we die, and one day Nicholas might run away to join the Wild Florida crew.

 We got home from our amazing adventures at Wild Florida later in the afternoon,
and stopped at a grocery store for some fruit, cheese, and bread
which are Nielson staples, and can be consumed in large
quantities at anytime of the day.
We got home and headed straight to the beach 
were we stayed until the sun went down.
What a day!


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