Thursday, April 18, 2019

Beach all day

This morning we rolled out of bed and went straight
 to the Acai place down the street.
I think we're probably super late on Acai train--but man it's good stuff.
I could see us eating there for breakfast everyday.

Today we spent ALL DAY on the beach.
When I say ALL DAY, I really mean it.
We set up camp around 10 and left around 7 when the sun was sinking
and I noticed Lottie's eyes bloodshot.
Then we basically dragged our tired bodies in the car
to an amazing authentic wood-fire pizza joint for dinner.
Conveniently the drugstore was next to the restaurant so we walked over to 
grab some after-sun cream because we all got wayyyy to much sun.
We came home lathered up, and went to bed exhausted.

Another wonderful day here on Cocoa Beach!

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