Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Cocoa Beach for Spring Break

We drove out of Chapel Hill this morning 
(only 1/2 hour off our scheduled time!!),
 and hit the road bound for Cocoa Beach in Florida.
Spring break here we come!
I was proud of the Little Nies who for the most part kept the peace
in the car for the whole 10 hour trip.
They kept busy by reading, coloring, writing, staring out the window,
and working on our needlepoint projects.
(I just don't know how Nicholas and Lottie ended up sitting together
on the ride down. Ahhhhhhhhhh).

Once we stopped for gas in South Carolina and I discovered
delicious cotton candy taffy and a wide selection of fireworks.
But the best discovery happened when we found a CAFE RIO in Florida.  
It was a good hour off the beaten path, but a detour
 for that goodness was totally worth it.
We pulled up to our beach condo around 7:30, and immediately
 the Little Nies changed out of their clothes and into their suits.
I thought it was too cold, but then again, I'm old.

Our condo sits right on the beach.  
It's a dream!
They swam in the lukewarm water as the sun sunk behind the horizon.
Finally when the sun was gone, and Lottie started to get 
cold we packed it in, showered, and settled in for the night.
Then we opened all the windows and watched
 the 1920 version of King Kong.  

Tonight the ocean will sing us to sleep.

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