Monday, April 15, 2019

Spring Break 2019

The Nielson family is officially on spring break!  
We are headed to Cocoa Beach in Florida early this morning.
Saturday evening I asked the Little Nies to go 
pack up their gear for the trip,
then I found them all crowded together on the girls bed
with Fern and Angus.
Looks like a lot of hard work was going on.

To prepare for the car trip, we all went to Target where we
split up and each picked out a treat and a "something to do" item.
I have a bag full of needlepoint projects I hope to accomplish.
My goal is to needlepoint baby yellow chicks on twelve white napkins
for my Easter dinner table.
I'm new to needlepoint, and my end result might be horrible,
but I like to think it's just therapy for my stiff fingers.
So there's that.

It's about a nine hour drive to Florida, 
but we're not strangers to long car rides-
we've successfully done this dozens of times.

Here's to more memory making and sun!
(We're like vampires over here!)

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