Monday, April 22, 2019

The home stretch

Yesterday was the last day of our glorious Spring Break, and I
spent it taking the North Carolina DMV practice test on my phone. 
I think I took the 40-question test like five times (in a row),
and I haven't passed yet.
I am sooooo close though!
The girls and I are planning on taking the final exam together this week
so we can all get our drivers licenses together!
(Fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed).
Around 5:30 we decided to grab dinner and finish our Spring break strong.
Plus I really didn't feel like cooking.
We came home and everyone was a little melancholy.
We've really had such a wonderful MEMORABLE Spring break,
and it's sad to see it end.
Now we are on the "home stretch"
 before school officially ends in June.

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