Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Safely gathered in

Months ago, Clane and I joined a Barre class.
It's tough, and I sweat more in the one hour
 session than I probably ever have in my life-
which is a really good thing since I don't sweat much since the
 the accident claimed my sweat glands.
Sometimes the girls and I have to split up because I start laughing when we 
look at each other in the mirror, and then my flow is
 ruined for a good 5 minutes until I can contain my composure.
We came home from our usual 5:45 Barre class and found Ollie 
in the garage tuning up his Honda without his shirt on.
I love him so much.
Tonight as I sit on my bed to type this little report today,
my windows are wide open, and I can hear the frogs croak 
outside near the pond.
 I feel content and ready to lay my tired legs down
next to my husband with everything
"safely gathered in."

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