Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter 2019

Easter 2019 
The girls and I spent the Saturday before Easter Sunday 
creating our table decorations.

We made cute flowers with cupcake liners and colorful stamens.
They looked lovely on our Easter table.

We also spent the whole car drive to and from Florida
for our Spring break doing needlepoint.
(Which was like 17 hours round trip).
We created colorful chickens, baby chicks, and roosters.

(We decided that we would needlepoint napkins for every holiday).
We also dyed eggs, and turns out, blue was my favorite color to dye.
So I created at least a dozen all different shades of blue.

Easter Sunday was absolutely lovely.
Of course we went to church and wore our bonnets.
Followed by a lovely Easter feast.

I usually wear my pink hat on Easter
but it is unfortunately packed away,
so I got us gals new hats this year.
I love hats.
 Sadly Gigs was home sick with something gross.
He waved to me under the covers on his bed
 as we walked out for church.
Our first Easter here in North Carolina was beautiful
and memorable.
At the dinner table we talked about Jesus Christ and His triumphant
and beautiful Resurrection.
We read scriptures and bore testimony to each other of His 
divine life and mission on earth, because
Jesus Christ overcame death and was resurrected, 
and because He lives-- all of us will live again!!

 * * * * * * * *
“Easter is a reminder of all that I hope for myself. 
That someday I will be healed and someday I will be whole.
 Someday I won’t have any metal or plastic inside of me.
 Someday my heart will be free of fear and my mind free of anxieties. … 
I am so glad I truly believe in a beautiful afterlife”.

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