Monday, April 01, 2013

Coming home for Easter

I am home from the hospital.

I left Saturday evening with Mr. Nielson and Charlotte.
It's good to be home.
But being home and being sick are a horrible combination.
I feel a lot of guilt.
Guilt for the things I can't do.  
Guilt because I came home from the hospital and slept 
all the way until Sunday morning.
I made myself get up and help the children get dressed for church,
 but the whole time I felt like sobbing.
 I hate being sick!  I hate feeling like I am 100 years old!
I noticed Mr. Nielson went to the store late the night before to get Easter treats for the kids.
He picked up where I couldn't-and I am so grateful.
But I am frustrated at the situation.
I wanted to dye Easter eggs, get the children ready for church 
and wear my Easter bonnet.  
I wanted to get Easter dinner prepared, and set the table.  
I wanted to make it special for my family.
Instead I lay in bed with a horrible stomach ache and achy body.
I am so thankful for the well wishes from family and friends.  
Notes and cards, flowers, meals, and help with the children. 
 Its overwhelming to me the love I feel when I am down and out.
My gallbladder was damaged with the plane crash and partially removed.
The doctors think the rest needs to come out because it is 
diseased and causing sever stomach episodes.  
I did have a slight procedure done, but it didn't fix the problem.
I decided to come home from the hospital for the weekend to spend it with my children, 
but will probably be back in the near future.
Mr. Nielson prepared a nice Easter dinner and the children set the table.  
They did a nice job, and I am so proud of them.
 He also dyed the eggs red for our Danish egg tapping game. 
Now I need to get better because it's Charlotte's birthday on Wednesday and we
have a darling first birthday party planned.
Thanks for your love and prayers, thank you so much!
Easter is such a beautiful holiday.  
I am forever thankful to my Savior who died for me-and all of us that 
we can repent and be forgiven. 
 I am thankful that He understands my pain and can heal me completely. 
I have faith that it will happen.  
Happy April!
I won't say I'm pregnant or anything like that for April Fool's Day,
because I don't feel very funny right now.

* * * * * * 
 Thanks for for the adorable Easter accessories for Clane!