Monday, April 08, 2019

My favorite parts

Here are some of my favorite parts of conference weekend.

Pulling out the blow-up mattress, blankets, and pillows for the whole weekend!:

Seeing on TV that Sister Aburto visited the darling young women
 who I loved serving on Navajo Reservation in New Mexico! (I miss you!):

Elder Dale Renlund shared an amazing story about my
 beloved great-great-something-grandfather, Daniel W. Jones.  
We all screamed (OK, I screamed), 
I was so excited! I am so proud and honored of my posterity!

Food! Fruit! Dutch babies!:

The sister missionaries watch a conference session with us,
 (and put up with a sniffing Angus):

Between conference session walk at our property.  
Spring is stunning!:

Seeing my brother Topher, on TV after sessions.
I love him so much, and seeing him touched me so deeply, 
and I can't stop thinking about it:

Dinner with Paige Holland, and her daughter Grace 
(and new baptized friend Catlin):

My handsome boys off to the Priesthood session:

ANNNND...then I was a little depressed when it was over.
We waited, prepared, and anticipated this weekend since last October.
BUT, I have a lot to work on until next conference.
I learned so much, felt so deeply, and was uplifted and inspired.
It was everything I wanted it to be--and then some.
I am sooooo grateful for a living Prophet, Apostles, and Church leaders!

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