Tuesday, March 05, 2019

What do you say?

When we moved to Provo after the accident in 2009, we moved
into the same neighborhood where I grew up because
of the wonderful families, and huge support system.
Our backyard shared a fence with a few very 
wonderful families who we've bonded with and love (and miss!).
One of our neighbors was a little boy named Philip
who is the same age as Jane.
 Jane and Philip became fast friends, which is easy to do when you're
six years old. They would play in the backyard, jump on the trampoline, 
eat popcicles, or sell lemonade to people in the neighborhood.
One day I caught them holding hands while
sitting on our backyard fence.
I told Christian they reminded me of Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe
 of the beloved Anne of Green Gables.
Once when Philip was seven he came over to pick Jane up to play,
and Christian asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.
After much thought Philip confidently said "I think probably a Knight."
That's when I knew that I loved that kid!
Then when Philip was about eleven 
I became his Sunday school teacher and wanted to kill him, 
but that's a story for another time.
As time moved on, Jane and Philip grew up
(and matured, thank heavens!),
 and then they naturally began playing predominantly
 with their own sex.
But I knew that they would always have a little place
in their hearts for each other.
 Years ago Philip told me in confidence that when he
 turned 16 he was going to take Jane on their first date.
Last week in the mail a poster tube came for Jane.
Inside was a map of the world with a Styrofoam airplane.
On the map was a poem which read:
Jane was shocked.
Literally and seriously shocked.
Looks like we are headed to Utah in May for the Prom.
I can't share too many more details because Jane wouldn't
approve.  But I'll just say this: she is really excited.

I think we'll find a dress like Anne's puffed sleeved number:

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