Monday, February 29, 2016


Over the weekend and for some strange reason,
 Lottie thought it would be a good idea to stick a 
small blue heart shaped bead up her nose.  
She came into my room with tears in her big brown eyes
 and kept saying "sorry mama".
I was a little concerned and asked her several times why she was crying, 
and why she felt so sorry.
Finally, she told me her nose hurt.  I looked inside and sure enough a 
blue bead was lodged in the furthest north corner of her little nostril.
My dear friend and our families Pediatrician Dr. Melissa 
(who lives just down the street from me) was thankfully home.
We sat in Melissa's entryway on a couch and
 together we held Lottie across our laps.
Melissa maneuvered the bead with some special tools and then she
told Lottie while covering one of her nostrils to blow as hard as she could.
So Lottie did and sure enough 
that bead jumped out her nostril just like Old Faithful.
Lottie picked up the bead and 
put it safely in her shirt pocket then asked
 very politely if we could go home.