Thursday, February 07, 2019

Silver Fillings and Southern Accents

Today I picked up Claire and Jane early from school and
met Mr. Nielson for a family dentist appointment.
The girls love when I check them out of school early,
mostly because they hate riding the bus home.
We LOVED our dentist in Utah, but luckily we scored
 with our new dentist here in North Carolina, 
(who also happens to be our Bishop too).
His office is filled with the nicest people who have the best southern accents
 I've ever heard.
I could listen to them talk all day.
I had a silver fillings from like 1986, (or around there)
that had gone bad and needed a upgrade filling.
(Thanks anyway Dr. Chuck!)
Claire had one cavity, and Jane was 100% perfect.
In a few weeks I'll bring in the boys and Lottie in.
They're the ones I worry about (Nicholas has legit dentalphobia),
and Lottie can hardly tolerate brushing her teeth-
 so, it's going to be good.

This is the best dentist photo ever:

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