Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Homemaking Bliss

Today I unloaded seven baskets of laundry onto my bed.
I told myself I'd be back to fold them with each dump.  
Hours later, after the Little Nies was in bed, Mr. Nielson
 and I finally got around to folding the clothes 
and then we put them into piles for each child
to put away in the morning.
I fall into bed each night exhausted; these days are busy 
and filled with schedules and deadlines.
There seems to be a lot of stress that fills our space too.
Ever since I can remember, I pictured and wanted my life to look like a scene
 in an Eloise Wilkins book--in all its homemaking bliss.
(I still strive for that).
And I think part of that "homemaking bliss" IS the seven loads
of laundry on my bed (at least my bed was made underneath).
I know the world has taken a different approach as it defines what
 motherhood, homemaking, and what women do and are,
but to me, it looks exactly the same as it did years ago
when I was a little girl preparing for this powerful role/job.
And no other influence can change my goals or
desires for my family and my current homemaking role.
I love the power in words from Susan L. Tanner:
"I take great delight in my role as a nurturer, 
which allows me to express my deepest identity as a woman. 
 To nurture is to teach, to foster development, to promote growth, 
to feed, and to nourish."

I know not all women feel the same way I do, and I believe all
women are valued and needed no matter what they choose to
become in this life.
I choose to be a homemaker, and just like any job, each day, my focus is on
what I can accomplish, and where and how I spend my time.
 I believe this is important and crucial to my ability as a nurturer.
I want to see my children succeed and help them see that their
 future is bright and their influence is needed in the world.
So when I look at the overwhelming laundry pile(s) on my bed,
I remind myself that it has a purpose in the bigger picture, as
do all the hundreds of simple mundane tasks I do daily.
 I am contributing and making society
a better and happier place by giving all I've got
 every single day to raise good children who
 have the capacity to change, inspire, and serve God in
their homes, families, churches, and communities.
So whether it's laundry, meals, or homework,
or all of the above-(and all at the same time too),
 it all has purpose and meaning.
 I am grateful for a wonderful and supportive husband
 and equally yoked in our ideals.
(And a who also hangs pictures above the fireplace
like a boss- sans pipe, of course).

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