Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Dear Angus,

Dear Angus,
I was really mad at you because while I was in the shower you got on 
my couch, (my WHITE couch) and you know
 that you're not supposed to do that.
Sometimes you are such a pill.
You drag in dirt and grass from your fluffy black hair,
and during the day you follow me around everywhere I go.
You even wait outside the door for me when I use the bathroom.
You smell everything, lick, bark, and act super bored until 
the Little Nies come home from school.

But tonight before dinner I saw this:
And then my mind shifted.
 Instead of feeling annoyed with you,
I felt grateful especially since the Little Nies find
so much joy and love in you.
You are adored and needed in our home.
Thank you for being forgiving, loving, compassionate, 
loyal, and protective of our family.
I love you even though you ripped your poop sack
(with your poop inside) out of
my hands on our run this morning.
That was super gross.  Don't do that again.

-Love mom

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