Monday, February 04, 2019

Running on all cylinders

I picked Mr. Nielson up at the airport on Saturday evening,
It was so nice to see him after a long week.
It's amazing how much I rely on him in all aspects of my life;
 emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
When he is gone I feel like I'm running on one cylinder. 
I love the life we live together.
He makes me happy and I like who I am when I am around him.
Our life together has been so full.

While at the cattle convention Christian met and chatted with
the one-and-only Temple Grandin.
Temple lives with Autism and has developed and devoted her life
to cattle and understanding humane practices for farmers, cowboys, and ranchers.
A lot of the designs at the ranch were based off her work.
She is one of the most extraordinary and brilliant women alive.
Christian has talked to temple on the phone about some of his cattle
ideas and advice, and it was really cool for him to finally meet her.

Check out Temple's movie (played by Claire Danes)
It's one of our families very favorite movies.

And, I am back to running on all cylinders now.

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