Friday, February 08, 2019

In the Arms.

Last night I overheard Ollie tell Claire her arms looked like Lucy's.
Lucy is my sister, and once upon a time (pre-2008), Lucy and I 
looked similar.  Mostly because we had freckles.
Lots of them.
We get it from my dad's side, I think.
After he said that, I looked down at my arms.
They are misshapen with raised scars, bumps,
colors and swirls, and I remember fondly when my arms
didn't look that way.
Oliver doesn't remember my arms back then- before 2008,
he was really little when things changed, including my arms.

But they looked like Lucy's arms.
There is a lot about Claire that reminds me of Lucy,
and that is a very, very good thing.

I see myself in my daughters, even if my daughters don't necessarily
 physically see me in them.
And I see myself in my sisters and am grateful my daughters have a
a physical reminder of me in my sisters.

* * * * *
Spiritual Enlightenment: One in Christ

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