Monday, February 11, 2019

Off Balance

Last Friday afternoon Mr. Nielson and I got crazy and checked 
 the Little Nies out early from school.
We had been talking about some issues going on
in our lives and the stress that accompanied it, and felt we needed
to be with our children enjoying each other without schedules,
deadlines, and busy work.
Basically it was a family impromptu date.
Early last week, I could see the Little Nies wearing down-- mostly in the girls. 
 Days for them begin really early and homework and other activities
 take up so much time and energy- Saturdays and Sundays too!
Sometimes they seem a little bit like zombies.
It's all good things like school, homework, Drivers Ed, ACT prep classes, 
BYUIS courses, church obligations, service, and ministering...
to name a few.  But the balance was off and
everyone seemed a little run down (me included).
You should have seen the kids faces when they walked into the office
to see me standing waiting for them.
They seemed so surprised, confused, and so pleased! 
We had a late lunch then caught a movie.
 (Lego 2: honk shooo).
We visited NC State campus 
and finished off our family date with Howling Cow ice cream,
and spinning around on some fancy college chairs.
I think maybe Howling Cow ice cream could possibly
 rival BYU creamery ice cream.
I said POSSIBLY.  The verdict is still out mostly because 
Howling Cow doesn't have Bishop’s Bash or LaVell’s Vanilla.
We also spent a good portion of our time
writing love notes white boards in hallways and empty classrooms.
I'm just so grateful the Little Nies enjoy being together.
Of course we have the teasing and occasional tears,
but we genuinely love to be together
and not only that, but we love to be together more than anyone else.
I know that won't always be the case, so I am enjoying
it as much as I can now.

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