Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Easy Peasy Pedaling

For Christmas I upgraded our beloved favorite Madsen cargo bike 
(aka: bucket bike) for one with a slick electric assist
 I am able to effortlessly ride the around the neighborhood 
with Mr. Nielson uncomfortably sitting in the bucket.
 I am really excited to use the new e-assist during these
beautiful upcoming months as Spring approaches NC.
I can just see it now: family bike rides without my calves burning.
 We have a neighborhood pool close by, and last year it was
so nice to throw the pool gear and lunches in the bucket and go.
Also, it's been nice to put Lottie's bike in the bucket so when I pick her
up at the bus stop, we can ride bikes home together.
And you never know when the occasion will call for your 
bucket to carry balloons. You just never know.
So recently on a dreary rainy afternoon a UPS semi truck
 unloaded a giant cardboard box in our driveway with our new Madsen.
It was so exciting! 
Because of the rain we couldn't ride our new beauty,
but you better believe the next day I was all over it.
Then Mr. Nielson wanted a turn enjoying the new easy peasy e-assit and he
 pedaled me around while I smelled Spring in the air and waved 
to the Little Nies who were yelling for a turn.
I also snapped a few quality photos, like this one:

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