Monday, February 25, 2019

Rainy Weather

 Chapel Hill has seen it's fair share of rainy weather
this last week, not that I 'm complaining,
 I love the rain and gloom, but when the sun came out for a little bit
 we took full advantage of the warmth.
We got the bikes out, shorts on, and felt the wind in our hair.
It was glorious.
I hear the weather this week will be a little more of the same.
 Bring it on, I can handle it!

The boys had a wonderful weekend camping with the scouts
 in the flooded South Carolina Congaree National Park.
Back at home, all four of us girls slept in my bed.  
The girls tried to get me to watch the five episodes of Victoria
 that I've missed in the new season.
I barely hung on for the first 20 minutes of one. 
 I'm old, dangit!

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