Friday, February 22, 2019

Help from Angus.

I spent most of the day at the table preparing a talk I am giving at 
a women's conference here in Apex.
I was asked to share my thoughts and experiences about
 the healing I found and still find through Christ.
A big thanks to Angus, who gave me some
 good pointers and tips as I typed away.
(His head on my arm wasn't inconvenient or annoying at all!)
This weekend will find Mr. Nielson and the boys in South Carolina
at a scout campout,
and the Clane will be gone most of Saturday 
finishing up their last Drivers Ed class.
Licenses, here they come!
I hope I get a chance this weekend to get to our property 
in the country to walk around, breathe, and dream about our future home.
I cannot wait to start building.
While I am grateful for the tiny little house that we are renting and bursting
at the seams living in, I am so ready for space and walls with
 paint color that I picked out-- and you know, stuff like that.

* * * * 
Have a wonderful weekend!
Spiritual Enlightenment: Turn On Your Light

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