Thursday, February 21, 2019

Don't goooooo

On my run this morning, I stumbled upon spring.
Out of the earth popped bunches of little perky yellow daffodils.
My local grocery store is selling daffodils by the bunch, 
and I've been buying them for weeks now.

But I can't let go of winter yet.  
Today it rained all day today and temps were in the 30's.
I loved it.
I loved it soooo much.
(I should move to Alaska, and I probably would but
 I'm just afraid no one will follow me there).

I made Hygge pudding for an after-school snack, and
I watched Claire shovel it down as she sat at the dining room table
preparing for her ACT, (which is today...good luck Claire!).

This type of weather calls for any kind of hearty food, so
for dinner I made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.
A classic winter dinner, plus it's a fast meal since
four of my five Little Nies had mutual.

I went upstairs to finish up some last minute laundry before bed
and went into the boys room to find 
Fern sleeping and pressed up against her container.
I think she's still in winter mode too.

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