Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Today I woke up at 6:40 and took Angus running.
After which at 9:00 I took Oliver, Nicholas, and Lottie to the dentist
 (only ONE cavity between them!).
Around 11:05 Lottie and I left Ollie and Gigs at the dentist office 
to get gas and a Gatorade. And because we were super bored.
11:40 picked up the boys and drove to Chapel Hill where
we met Mr. Nielson for lunch.
1:00 I visit Trader Joes 
where I buy a couple bunches of adorable pussy willows,
tulips, and chocolate covered pretzels.
2:05 home, clean up, and wait for the girls to get home from school.
4:00 connect with the girls, help with homework, sweep the floor.
5:00 take Lottie to another grocery store to 
get stuff I forgot to get at Trader Joes.
6:00 set table, light dinner candles, and eat dinner.
6:45 Family Home Evening, study, discuss prayer, and Christ's
Sermon on the Mount.  Then Lottie wrote a talk all by herself about
Jonah and the Whale with hand-drawn pictures.
 Turns out, it was the best story I've ever heard.
8:30 strawberry shortcake
9:00 showers, bed, make lunches for tomorrow.
10:00 kisses, lights out.
11:00 night night.

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