Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Daily Tasks

Lottie crept in my bed sometime in the middle of the night
because she had a bad dream.
 I love that she feels safe under my covers and in my arms.
I'll be sad when she doesn't sneak in my bed anymore.
When my alarm went off I slid out of my cozy spot and on on my knees
leaving her in my comfy bed alone.
I wake up 20 minutes before I get the kids up so I 
have a few minutes to pray and get myself ready.
I can tell spring is on her way because the mornings are 
becoming less and less dark when I wake up.
I like that.
The night before I had made five sack lunches, 
including three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, 
one peanut butter and Nutella sandwich, 
and one peanut butter and honey sandwich.
This task is something I do Monday-Thursday each night before
I retire for bed. As I was slapping peanut butter on store bought wheat bread,
one of my favorite talks from Jeffery R. Holland came in my head,
particularly these words:

"To all of our mothers everywhere, past, present, or future, I say, 
“Thank you. Thank you for giving birth, for shaping souls, 
for forming character, and for demonstrating the pure love of Christ.
” To Mother Eve, to Sarah, Rebekah, and Rachel, to Mary of Nazareth, 
and to a Mother in Heaven, I say, 
“Thank you for your crucial role in fulfilling the purposes of eternity.” 
To all mothers in every circumstance,
 including those who struggle—and all will—I say, 
“Be peaceful. Believe in God and yourself. 
You are doing better than you think you are."

I am so grateful for the little tasks that I do daily
that make me a mother one PB&J at a time.

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