Thursday, February 28, 2019

Among the Daffodils

After I dropped Lottie off at school Mr. Nielson and I drove to our
 property in the pouring rain
I needed wide open spaces and quiet.  
I wanted to wander for miles without seeing a soul.
We hiked around around the muddy trails while Angus sniffed and 
smelled every tree, every branch, every blade of grass, and bush.
We came upon a part of the property where an old structure of some kind 
had been built, now it's covered in vines and fallen down trees.
Then we wandered deeper into a magic little area where thousands of 
dainty yellow daffodils were growing in clumps in the wet ground.
I felt like I was on a set of a Nicholas Sparks movie.
I must have taken 300 photos because It was so amazing.

Spring here in North Carolina is pretty gorgeous-
and I know it will get even prettier as the months move on.
Then it started to rain even harder and so we ran back to the car,
the property is so beautiful in all seasons and weather, and I am 
loving all the little discoveries we've made.
I'm not excited however for the ticks who are probably
asleep under the leaves or in hiding in trees waiting for warmer
weather when the Nielson family (and dog) will be perfect
places for them to hide and live.  YUCK!

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