Monday, February 18, 2019

Ginger Jane is 16

Someone is SIXTEEN today in the Harlow House!
* * * * * * * * *
Miss Jane Bronwyn aka:
Ginger Jane
Dear Jane, I love you so much.
Today is a very special day, and sixteen is a very special number,
but most special of all is YOU! 
Since I have lived with you now for SIXTEEN years, I know
some things about you, and 
I know your ideal birthday doesn't include shopping
of any kind because I know you hate shopping, unless it's to the
bookstore for a good book (that you always finish that day).
But it does include a rainy day-(the drearier the better, amiright?).
And it probably includes you wearing your hyggebuksers around
the house whilst eating delicious breads with delicious cheeses,
 and drinking grape juice.

 You may have the same color of
hair as Princess Ariel and Princess Merdia
(and Merida's stubborn/spicy-ness),
but you are Princess Belle at heart.
Soft, gracious, kind, selfless, smart, thoughtful, and you love books.
I am convinced every household needs a Jane.
Life is so much more interesting, so much more enjoyable, homey, 
spicy, and tasty (Jane makes the BEST BREAD).

You are one of a kind sweet girl!
I love you.


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