Friday, February 15, 2019

Valentines Day in the Harlow House

Nielson Family Valentines Day:
6:40 am-

7:00 am-
I came down to the kitchen to find Oliver making eggs
for Nicholas.  Yes, you heard me, Ollie woke up extra early
to make his best friend, his buddy, his brother breakfast.

7:10 am-
 Pack the Little Nies lunches in
cute bags with Valentine letters 
and heart shaped PB&J sandwiches.

7:45 am-
Drop kids off at school

8:00 am-
Run with Angus

9:00 am-12:00 pm-
None of your business

12:05 pm-
Lunch date with Mr. Nielson:

All day

1:05 pm-
Mr. Nielson attends Lottie's daddy (or the students male figure) 
Valentines Day party where they
built catapults and shot conversation hearts into a bucket.
 3:30 pm-
The Little Nies are home from school and
Lottie dumps out her Valentines from her friends 
and shares her treats with all of us, except Nicholas because it
was kind of an "off" day for the two of them.
Then we exchanged family Valentines to each other
with stuff like treats, books, stickers.

7:00 pm-
Heart shaped pizza's topped with arugula, spicy kale, three different cheeses,
and a variety pink drinks.
(Mr. Nielson usually always adds sweet potatoes, feta cheese,
and rosemary to his pies).

During dinner and under candlelight we
went around the table sharing what we love about each other.
It was the highlight of my day.
Oh man how I LOVE my family.

9:00 pm-
Playing our new 2019 Love song while eating
 a smorgasbord of chocolates.
Then I forgot it was only Thursday and not Friday.
Soooo, it off to bed.

Happy Valentines Day to one and all, 
and a very happy weekend!

Spiritual Enlightenment: 

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