Monday, January 28, 2019

Sleepless Nights

My weekend was over in a blink of an eye.
Seriously before I knew it, it was late on Sunday night
and the prospect of the new week ahead was pushing down on me.
All the Littie Nies were up, and the house was a mess.
I announced it was time for bed, and I meant it.
We stopped what we were doing, and we did in fact go to bed
with the house a mess...and I NEVER do that.
But I knew if I stayed up any longer, 
I would pay for it at 6:40 when my alarm shouts loudly in my ear.
(Also waking up Lottie from her silent slumber is just torture).
But here I am trying to embrace a new week full of new adventures, 
problems to be solved, meals to be made, lunches to be packed,
homework finished, morning runs, afternoon walks, baths, scriptures study,
personal/family devotionals, carpooling, 
church meetings, playdates, youth activities, missionary work,
and saying goodbye to Mr. Nielson who is leaving 
to a cattle convention for a full week in New Orleans.

  I guess now I should add sleepless nights
to my list too.
Ohhh mama!

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