Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Without being asked.

I dropped Mr. Nielson off at the airport this afternoon
 bound for a cattle convention in New Orleans.
He'll be gone a full week.
He prepped Oliver before leaving since Oliver would become the 
"man of the house".  He told him to take Angus for walks (without being asked),
 to do his homework (without being asked),
take the garbage out (without being asked),
and most importantly be really nice to me, and not fight with Nicholas.
More on that later--we'll see how that goes.
(He's really actually a good boy!).
These trips Mr. Nielson goes on aren't as hard as they were when the Little Nies
were younger.  The Little Nies help each other more, are more responsive
to me, and more eager and engaged to help around the house.
Ok, maybe "eager" isn't the right word. 
Before I dropped Mr. Nielson off at the airport, we went to lunch
and talked about our dreams and wishes for our family and each other.
I am so grateful Christian is so devoted to God,
 to our marriage, and to our family. He is a good man all around.
We miss living at the ranch where he used to wear his boots and hat
every single day to work, it's fun to see him in his old uniform.

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