Friday, January 25, 2019

Wild Orange Mess

Each morning at 7:00 Lottie stands in front of the mirror
in my bathroom with tired eyes and crazy hair.
I'm a pretty average at making ponytails, piggytails, braids, and buns.
I'm not super creative, but at least Lottie looks clean and well cared for.
EVERY DAY after school when she hops off the bus,
 her hair is a wild orange mess.  
Any trace of a hairstyle was long gone, probably
 minutes after first recess.
EVERY DAY I ask her why she takes out her hair, 
especially since it just falls in her face all day long.
(And who likes that??)
Today as usual, I asked her why she took her hair out of 
the cute piggy braids (with black satin ribbons), 
she told me that the devil came and snipped the rubber bands
out of her hair.
I asked her how she knew it was the devil 
and she said because it was really sneaky.
Then I asked her if the devil stole her black ribbons.
"Nope, those are in my backpack."

Spiritual Enlightenment: One by One

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