Tuesday, November 27, 2018

This isn't my house, but it is my home.

I was talking to my girls about the importance and
the sacredness of a home.
We talked about all the adventures our family has experienced,
and all the homes we've lived in along the way.  
Some homes were really, well...ugly while some of our homes
 were gorgeous, roomy, and bright.
We've lived in the mountains, on a ranch, in neighborhoods,
 and far away from our loved ones.
All homes have been functional and comfortable.
We have been so blessed!
Now I find myself in a very close (packed in) neighborhood renting a home.
There have been challenging times (it's really small),
but if I have learned anything from moving from house to house
it's that you can turn anything into a home.  
And when we look back on the time we've spent renting we wont remember
the ugly light fixtures, or the dark kitchen marble.  No, we'll remember
watching movies all together on the couch on weekends, or the time when the
power was out all night and we lit so many candles
 I was cleaning up wax for days.  
Or when school was cancelled for almost a week
because of hurricanes and flooding and we stayed in our PJs for days.
As a mother I've learned that I just need a 
place where I can cook for my family,
 set the table for dinner, nurture, decorate, do laundry, tidy-up,
sit on the porch during a thunderstorm, and at Christmastime,
 a place to put up a few Christmas trees.
I hope my children understand that life is constantly in motion
 and no matter where we go, or what we do, one thing can always be the same:
the spirit we bring into our spaces.
I know I won't be in the Harlow House forever,
 and our plan is to build a home in the near future on our 
gorgeous lot nestled in the countryside (I can't wait).
But whether we live in a 3 bedroom house, or our dream home-
we're home no matter what that looks like.

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