Monday, November 26, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

As sad as I am that the Little Nies are back in school and our
 Thanksgiving break over, I am so thrilled to be entering 
"the most wonderful time of the year!".
And we are in full Christmas mode here inside the Harlow House.
My Hygge spirit comes into full force and my home is alive with candles
and lights!  Almost every room in my house is lit.
Welcome winter, welcome Christmas!
We had a very wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!
My second cousin Chris, who is on my Jones side lives here in North Carolina
with his wife Nellie and their six children.
Including cute little PB who is exactly Lottie's age.

Lottie loves PB because she reminds her so much of her best friend
Ada who is PB's cousin. (Following me?)
So Chris is the older brother of my Utah bestie Amy's husband John.
And that all seemed way crazier than it sounds.
Basically we're all cousins and best friends.
(And I miss Amy soooooooooo much).
(Amy & John)
Chris and Nellie invited all of us Nielsons over for Thanksgiving dinner.
It was lovely- and felt like home,(which I am so thankful for!).
Thanksgiving morning I woke up at exactly 7:05 because Angus 
 has a very strict internal clock and wakes me on weekends
and holidays at that time no matter what, sometimes I hate that.

Thanksgiving morning the boys met up with a group of
 guys from church to play a traditional Turkey Bowl football game.
  I think most people in America has a Turkey Bowl- right?
My girls stayed home to sleep in.
After my run, I came home made eggs on toast for everyone
because it's a family favorite!
We also watched the dog show which we love and 
skipped the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade because I can't handle the
lip-syncers on floats.  I'm sorry, I just can't do it one more year. 
On Thanksgiving morning I laid out all of my favorite Thanksgiving
books to read to the Little Nies.
When that didn't look like it was going to happen,
 I kinda hoped that they'd just happen to pick
up one of the books and browse, but that never happened either.
Better luck next year!
(But seriously, have you read Molly's Pilgrim?  The best!).
But back to dinner--dinner was delicious on all accounts!
 It was such a pleasant evening--
 until I came to the shocking discovery mid-pie that 
I had left a stove top potpourri concoction on simmer back at home.
We had to cut our evening short and head home.
On our way home we listened to our favorite Christmas music
and talked about what we had planned for the rest of our holiday break.

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