Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving in the hospital.

I've been in a few different burn units in the last ten years
from Arizona to New York.
But I will never forget the Thanksgiving I spent in the 
University of Utah Burn Unit.
It was the pits.
On this Thanksgiving in 2008, when most families were
spending the holiday together, I was miles away from mine.
I was depressed and in pain- physically and emotionally.
Out my door, I heard a man wandering the halls with his guitar and voice.
He sang beautiful songs about Thanksgiving and God's love and grace.
Another woman handmade and passed out blankets for all the patients on 
the burn unit floor. They were beautiful and warm.
I'll never forget my nurse covering my scrawny body
 with this gorgeous gift. I was humbled.
My heart was softened.
I didn't expect to guide through life unscathed and
I knew life was full of trials and 
pain, but I guess I just didn't think I would
ever have to deal with pain in this way.
As I was wrapped in my new Thanksgiving quilt, I had a glimpse of
clarity, and I realized that these trials were tailored to fit just me, and 
inside me, I had the capacity and capability to overcome and triumph.
And I did, and continue to.
This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for a healthy body,
and trials that show us what we are capable of.
I am also so thankful for good people with good hearts
 who share their love and talents with others.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

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