Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Maybe Someday.

This year I bought three little Colorado Blue Spruce trees.
One for the boy's room, one for Clane's room, and one for Lottie's
 little area in the loft.
The Little Nies decorated their mini trees with tiny lights
 and a few of their favorite ornaments,
(these trees are so small they can only fit a few ornaments).
Sometime in January of 2019, we plan on taking these 
darling little trees to our lot and planting them near our future home site.  
I hope this will become a new family tradition, and
someday we'll have a Christmas tree forest filled with
years worth of our own little saplings.
Did you know one of my dreams is to farm Christmas trees?
I've read books and researched best farming practices.
North Carolina has good fertile soil to do this.
Maybe someday.

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