Monday, November 12, 2018

Photos in North Carolina

Last May my family sat in our friend Justin Hackworhth's studio 
in Provo as he took our photos.  
This was before we had made it public that we were moving to North Carolina,
 so when we told Justin our news he clapped his hands and said that he
 would be visiting Chapel Hill for a wedding in October.  
Before we left his studio we had set up for another family photo session
with him in our new city of Chapel Hill.
(Perfect timing for Christmas photos!).
When Justin was in town a few weeks ago he texted me and asked me
where we'd like to meet for our photos.
I couldn't think of anywhere more special than on 
future home site (home name to be announced).
With 12 acres of beautiful sprawling land, and under the power lines 
(which turned out to be actually pretty cool), 
we snapped the first photos on our land.
We met Justin on our property on a chilly Friday afternoon.
It had just rained like cats and dogs
the night before, so the ground was soft and muddy.  
It was cold and the leaves on the trees had just started changing.  
It was just beautiful!  Perfect picture weather.
Among the hundreds of photos Justin took, he photographed each 
of my children individually- and I will cherish those
photos until my dying days.

Thank you Justin!  Come back soon!
(And bring Amy).

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