Friday, November 09, 2018

You Belong Here.

Each night before bed I read to Charlotte-
and anyone else who will sit and listen.
  I wish all my children would sit on the couch as I read books, 
but usually it's just me and Lottie--sometimes Nicholas will linger.  
It's not that they wouldn't read with me
it's just they are big kids and busy with their homework and social lives.

Lottie can choose three books and I get to choose one.
This time of year is so fun for book reading because I pull
out all of our cozy season books about Thanksgiving and Christmas.
(Ladies and Gentlemen, it's HYGGE season, and I am ready!)
Anyway last night after I read Lottie's book choices, it was my turn
to read the book I chose.
I chose a book called "You Belong Here" by M.H. Clark.
It's one of the sweetest books we own, and I cry every time I read it.
Then Lottie says,  "On no, MooOOOooOOoOm are your crying again?"
"The stars belong in the deep night sky
and the moon belongs there too,
and the winds belong in each place they blow by
and I belong here with you.
And you belong where you love to be,
and after each day is though,
you will always belong right next to me
and I'll belong next to you.
And you belong right here, where you're home,
and where I hold you close.
Of all the wonders I've ever known,
you're the one I love most.
And you are a dream that the world once dreamt
and now you are part of its song.
That's why you are here, in the place where you're meant,
for this is right where you belong.
And no matter what places you travel to,
what wonders you choose to see,
I will always belong right here with you,
and you'll always belong with me."
I hope my children know that they belong to me no matter
what they do, who they choose to become, what they think, 
or mistakes they make, they belong right here.
How can I feel any other way when I have a loving Father in heaven
who tells me the same sentiments, and that I am His daughter
 and I belong to Him?
One of my favorite phrases in the scriptures is,
"His hand is stretched out still".
We read that phrase in Isaiah, Nephi, Exodus, and Samuel
and we know that God is merciful to His children.  
He wants us to succeed and find happiness and joy.
He's picking us up and dusting us off when we slip.
He's showing us the way and encouraging us as we go.
We need not ever ask where we belong,
because we belong to Him.

Spiritual Enlightenment:You Are His Hands

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