Thursday, October 18, 2018

My Little Dolly

Everyday at 3:00 I drive to the park where Lottie's bus drops her off.
Everyday she jumps from the bus and runs to me, and we hug like
 we haven't seen each other in years.
It's definitely is one of the highlights of my day.

Then she comes home and drops her backpack right by the
 door the second she walks in. 
Seconds later she zips straight up the stairs to where her
 dollhouse and toys are, and picks up where she left off the day before.
I ordered a bunch of wooden "dollies" from my niece in Utah.
She hand paints and designs gorgeous little wooden dolls.
Lottie LOVES them.
I've ordered just about every princess (and a few princes too),
 a Halloween set, a Thanksgiving set, and a 
Christmas nativity set.
She could play for hours with these little guys, and I could too!  
(I really don't mind playing dolls with her, except she prefers her sisters).
I think for Christmas I'll have my niece make our family.

You can check out these cute dollies on IG at: @painted.dolly

Two more days until our east coast RV trip.
The Little Nies are so excited they can hardly sleep.
I hope I see some fall color- my friend said fall here is 
in slow-motion.  She's right, I can spy a tint of yellow on the trees,
but for the most part they are still pretty green.
Come on Autumn!

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