Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Miss Ozzy

When I was a little girl I was obsessed with school- particularly my teachers.
I didn't necessarily love the school part, mostly I just loved watching
my teachers interact with me and the other students in the classroom.
I loved how they decorated our classroom for holidays, 
I loved the way freshly copied worksheets smelled, and I loved getting read to.
When I was about ten years old I transformed 
my basement into a full-blown school.
I called it "Little School" and invited little cousins and neighbors to come.
I moved my brothers weight sets, sport stuff, and my
 dad's hunting gear into closets and corners,
and hung up calendars and 'welcome to school posters'.
I even talked my 5th grade teacher into letting me have five 
very old desks that were being unused in the schools basement.
I'll never forget the day I called my mom to tell her the school 
gave my teacher permission to let me have these desks dated 
back to the 1950's, probably when my dad was a student there.
One day after school, my mom pulled up and together 
we piled five heavy desks in our 1989 Suburban.
I was on cloud nine!
I spent any money I had, (or could scrounge up) at the print 
shop on BYU campus coping and laminating 
worksheets and holiday decorations.
I had every single marker and colored pencil known to man. 
I took the kids on field trips, decorated cookies, had a school program,
and even we had school photos.
(I've GOT to find those!).
Lottie has the same teacher bug.
Each day she comes home from school and sets up her own "Little School".
She asks her siblings to come- and they usually don't, 
so she talks to herself, or to her stuffed animals, or even she
 sometimes suckers the neighborhood kids to come.
And she's really bossy.
Last week, the Little Nies had two days of school cancelled 
  because of Hurricane Michael.
Lottie took full advantage of her freedom 
and set up school in every room downstairs.
Because I am a good mom, I made the older Little Nies 
sit down and participate with Lottie, aka: Miss Ozzy.
 (even Mr. Nielson was the PE teacher).
I told the kids if they made fun of her, laughed and/or
didn't take her seriously, or so much snickered at her,
 I would add on 15 extra minutes of school.
They ended up playing for nearly an hour.
And Lottie was on cloud nine!

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