Thursday, October 11, 2018

Halloween at the Harlow House

Part of my love for Halloween is the decorating part.
I think I get this bug from my mom who
decorated my childhood home for every single holiday.
She made everything magical.
I like to decorate the house while the Little Nies are in school so
 when they get home the house is a surprise.  They love it, and so do I.
Most of my usual Halloween decorations are packed away with
 our stuff in containers, but I did manage to bring a few things
 with us to North Carolina.
This year I hung black crows from the banisters 
and placed them along the stairs.
I lined the staircase outside with pumpkins
up to the front door.

A new addition to our Halloween decor this year are the black devil wings 
which I attached to the chairs around our dining room table.
As you may recall, I usually put white angel wings on the
dining room chairs during Christmastime, so these  
 black wings are super cool.
Decorating the Harlow House makes me giddy for
 the day when I can decorate our future home.
It's going to be really amazing.
Tonight I got a phone call from the school district, 
informing me that school has been cancelled due to Hurricane Michael. 
So the Little Nies made tea and popcorn and turned on a spooky movie.

Our prayers are with those who are suffering and misplaced
by this deadly storm.

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