Wednesday, October 10, 2018

It takes a few mooons

Here are two stories about my little Lottie girl that I hope to remember
forever and ever-- which is why I am posting about them on my blog.
I hope someday when the Little Nies are grown, they will look back in fondness
on the blog and remember their childhood.
I feel it is my responsibility to record daily occurrences- no matter
how silly and insignificant.
For weeks since school began it seemed Lottie had
 been telling me about something called 
"The Fun Run".  This is new to me, but apparently
 not to the NC elementary schools.
This is the schools annual fundraising event.
Basically she runs around the gym as many
 times as she can in like 15 minutes 
(which actually sort of felt like 100 minutes),
 and then I pledge to pay X amount of dollars for each lap she runs.
Turns out, Lottie can run!
The night before the run you'd have thought it was Christmas Eve at our house
she could hardly sleep the night before, she was so excited.
The afternoon of the run, Mr. Nielson and
 I went to the school and entered the gym.
Super loud and often times embarrassing jock jams pumped the room.
Then we watched as Lottie ran laps to amazing songs like
"Eye of the Tiger" and "Whoomp (there it is)", "Get Ready 4 This"...
 and....well, you get the picture, right?
Each time she passed me and Christian she would give us the thumbs up
with sometimes a wink and a yelp.
After her 35 laps, we met her at the drinking fountain with the other
kids, her face bright red but all smiles.
It was totally a fun run, and I am totally glad it's a once-a-year deal.

 My second story takes place on the night of the full moon in September.
When Claire was little somehow she believed if you set out water in a dish 
overnight under a full moon, you would turn into a mermaid.  

Claire told Lottie the magical tale last month,
(which I am thinking she probably made up when she was 5).
Lottie was giddy as she listened to both Claire and Jane share the colorful details of the story.
Before bed they carefully set out a dish of water
 in the backyard under the moon.
The next morning before Claire left for seminary while Lottie was still asleep,
 she added blue food coloring and edible glitter to the water dish.
In the morning, you can only guess that Lottie was thrilled to see her
 mermaid water had turned BLUE under the magic moon.
She brought it inside and took a drink then told me in between swigs:
 "I hear it takes a few moons to work".

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