Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas around my house/Nie asks on Blogher

Christmas around the Nielson home.
Entry way/Christmas village/Christmas creations.

{each dining room chair adorned angel wings}

{I love the "woodland" theme at Christmas}

{Nie's First Calendar being given as gifts, my amaryllis popped}

(The Nativity, {my favorite painting ever} See here for details.)

{Christmas mantle wreath}

{This arrangement: (broken Christmas tree boughs, and snowballs) sit over the piano dirty water)

{my woodland and village scene}

{Silver bells}

{Entry way hutch garland}

Next up:
The Christmas Trees
Claire's Christmas singing concert
Family Polar Express gathering
Nie and Mr. Nielson's 10th Year Anniversary

Nie asks on Blogher:
What is your favorite holiday decoration?

I love when my kids come home with anything holiday homemade.
These Santa's proudly displayed on the wall at school are among the faves.
Lets see yours- here.