Friday, March 30, 2018

NieNies Roadies Day 8

Our last full day in North Carolina was glorious.
We ate French food downtown Durham, visited the Lucky Strike factory,
and saw the Burt's Bee's cabin. Durham is really a cool area.
 I also asked Craig just about every medical question I could possibly think of. 
Craig is an ER doctor.  
He is smart and funny and willing to appease me.  
His stories are amazing and sometimes really funny.
Remember Dr. Greene from ER? That's Craig.
Our trip in the RV is winding down, and we are sad.  
Yes, it's been a little crowded and stressful, but SO MUCH FUN!
The children have been wonderful. They haven't complained 
about how small and inconvenient everything has been, 
they don't complain when someone uses
the bathroom, and we're all around.
They have been willing and ready to go anywhere and everywhere
with us. I love them so much! I am a lucky mother.
This has really been a cool family vacation.  
If you are considering trying this out, GO FOR IT.
We took the Little Nies to lunch this afternoon and enjoyed the
beautiful spring weather. Finally, it's warming up, and  
we are sad to leave.
Nicholas found a lizard. Of course, he found a lizard. He always does.
He kept it almost all day in his jacket pocket.
Finally, as the sun was setting, he let him go.
How does he always find these tiny creatures? 
(He also encountered a snake!!).
We stopped by a gorgeous piece of land where a darling little house sits.
We envisioned our family here, and we fit in fine.
We ended our night by the banks of Jordan Lake in 
Chatham County, where J & C are building a home.  
It is just beautiful. The woods are mysterious, thick, and calming.
Jordan has such an eye for design and beauty; this home will be amazing.
We ended up in Chapel Hill for ice cream and eclairs, then
said our goodbyes to the dear Mangum family and parted ways.
In a few hours, they will be on a plane to China for Spring break, 
and we will be on the road headed to Ashville, North Carolina, 
where we will begin the end of our RV trip.
We will always feel welcome here in North Carolina.
Everyone has been so very kind and friendly,
 (except when Mr. Nielson made a 10-point turn at the intersection in the RV. 
 And when Angus slipped out his collar 
and ran after another dog at the pet store. 
Oh, and when we tried emptying our waste at an RV park 
and we didn't have a reservation.  
We have a lot to learn about the RV world). 

* * * * * * * *
Teachings from RMN:
"We should pray in accord with the will of our Heavenly Father. 
He wants to test us, to strengthen us,
 and to help us achieve our full potential."

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