Monday, March 12, 2018


Last weekend we were in Arizona, where I had a
follow-up appointment from last month regarding upcoming surgeries.
I went to the Mayo Clinic, where Dr. L used a Doppler on my nose/forehead
 to locate a vein for my nose reconstruction surgery.  
This is such a crazy and involved surgery, and I don't even know
 how to explain what it will entail except to say that it's going
 to be very complicated and is not guaranteed success.
Also, I am terrified.
When the skin on my face was burned off in the accident the
 doctors used my scalp skin to recreate a nose.  
How grateful I am that my grafts took- and they look relatively good.  
However, the burns to my face were so bad that the cartilage
 in my nose was damaged too, which makes it very hard for
 me to breathe and do other things; (you know, like kissing Christian, 
swishing mouthwash, and if I get a cold- forget about it).
I could put up with my nose complications for a while after
the accident because it meant staying out of the hospital. 
I was so sick of the hospital and surgeries and always hurting that I was done.
I am almost 10 years post-accident, and my nose has gotten worse, 
so I think it might be time to consider surgery again.
I love Dr. L and have faith in him.
And, of course, and above all,
I believe in miracles and God's healing power.
After my appointment, I found that my IG
 had blown up with some hurtful comments. 
 My children were really upset reading them.
But turns out it was actually a perfect teaching moment about
dangers, responsibilities, and bullying on social media.
We can always find the silver lining if we try.
I am very grateful for loving and supporting people, friends, YOU,
and family who helped me move on and move forward.
You're love and support have sustained me and lifted me up.
Thank you.

* * * * * * * * * *
Teachings from RMN:
Thou Shalt Have No Other GodsApril 1996
"Strength comes in recognizing and in being grateful for the
 Lord's gifts of immortality and the opportunity for eternal life.
 When we climb mountainous challenges of life, 
we should lean toward our Master and be yoked with him, 
clinging tightly to the iron rod of the gospel, to family, and to trusted friends."

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