Monday, February 26, 2018

When it rains.....

Last Friday, Mr. Nielson and I returned to the 
Arizona Burn Center to meet with one of my 
very favorite men and surgeons, Dr. Lettieri.  
We have been talking for years now about fixing my nose
 because I struggle to breathe, and it is getting worse.
This surgery is tricky and entails a long list of possible complications, 
which makes me nervous.  But I would really love to breathe out my nose again.  
Getting back into "surgery mode" is painfully frustrating and to be honest,
 I am scared.
Also on the list of surgeries I need
amputating my pinkie is part of the plan.
I think it's really cool that I was in a major burn accident but was able
 to keep all my limbs!  Lots of burn survivors don't come away that lucky.
But it's time now, I think I have held on long enough.
  My hands (mostly my pinkie) is painful, especially in the cold months.
I figure if I have to go back under the knife,
 I'm going to get done as much as I can with one of the best doctors I have.
So I had x-rays done and Dr. L took some sweet pictures of my hands and face.
Dr. L told me he would get some of his other
 doctor colleagues to analyze them, and then he'd get back to me with a plan.
I trust my Dr. L and know he loves me and will take good care of me.

My children are nervous about not only the surgery part, 
but they are scared I will look different after.
I worry about that too because that has has happened several times before;
my kids have walked into my hospital room 
to see someone they don't recognize. It breaks my heart.
This isn't easy on anyone.
After church on Sunday Mr. Nielson and I walked around 
the peaceful temple grounds with the Little Nies.
We talked about the changes coming our way, 
and discussed questions  or feelings that they were having.
It was nice to talk openly, and rely on each others faith for clarity and peace.
I may be the one who will go through the surgeries, but my family 
is also heavily involved.

Our family is going through some major changes right now.  
You know that saying:
"when it rains it pours" -- well, that is painfully true right now.

* * * * * * * * ** 
"Just think of the good you can do if you accept a difficult 
challenge and pursue knowledge—then use it to bless others."