Wednesday, February 28, 2018


While driving to a doctor's appointment in Arizona,
Lottie asked Christian and me to hold hands as
high as we could in the air while she snapped a photo. 
We laughed while doing it, but today, as I was going through
my phone photos, I smiled at this one.
It's actually awesome.
I thought about a time after the accident when Christian and I 
would lie in bed crying at our situation.
Everything was bleak and strained...everything.  We never thought 
we'd see our way out.  We never thought we'd be happy again.

"It would be impossible to overstate what a difference that care,
compassion, kindness, generosity, and endless support has meant.
Christian's commitment to our marriage and
 to my recovery has been boundless,
and his love has meant the world to me.
My parents and brothers and sisters consistently believed in me and 
continue supporting me in all aspects of my life.
Loving blog readers and friends have also reached out to me in countless
generous ways, offering me encouragement and compassion that has 
strengthened me and nourished my spirit.  
And my children continue to be the light of my life, guiding my
way forward."
(taken from my 2012 memoir, Heaven is Here)

Thank you for your love and prayers-
 they mean more than you know.

* * * * * * * * * 
Teachings from RMN:
Where Is Wisdom, October, 1992
"To build a house straight and strong, you do not choose crooked boards. 
So to build your eternal destiny, you cannot—you must not—limit lessons 
only to those warped to exclude revelation from God." 

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