Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Happy birthday, handsome boy!

The last day we spent in Utah was Oliver's 13th birthday.
My little boy is becoming a MAN- or at least a TEENAGER!
Now most of my children are teenagers, which makes me sad and excited too!
Teenagers are lovely- really, my 
girls are my little best friends, and Ollie is becoming 
one of my best buddies and protectors.
Oliver is such an easy child, and watching him grow up
gives me feelings of excitement mixed with a bit of sadness,
(I don't want his sweet, pleasant voice to ever change!).
Oliver isn't fond of the traditional cake, so each year, I make something
different for him (last year was an Angel food cake),
this year he requested a Mexican chocolate cake.
I smothered it with whipping cream, strawberries, and
thirteen amazing candles with colored flames.
I would do anything for that boy.
* * * * 
Of course, my trip wouldn't be complete without 
visiting with my brother Topher.
I am so proud to be his sister.  
He is enduring a very hard challenge and is doing it with grace and humor. 
Sometimes I lay in my bed at the ranch, and my heart aches
and I find myself crying for him.
My heart is sad, and I wish so bad it would all just go away
and he would miraculously be healed.
I know more than ever that God is in control
and that knowledge helps me, and I know it helps Topher.

 And that completes my trip to Utah.  Amen.

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