Thursday, January 11, 2018

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

Last Sunday after Church, Mr. Nielson and I went on a walk 
 on one of the many beautiful trails on the ranch. 
Our walks together are peaceful, without
 interruptions from anything or anyone
(except occasionally Angus, who insists on trotting right between us).
On this particular walk, we discussed what we wanted from 2018.
We talked about goals as a couple, personally, and for our family.
Our future here on the ranch seemed to be at the top of every dream.
What are our plans this year while living on the ranch?  
What do we want to have accomplished,
 and how will we get it accomplished? 
What about our growing cattle herd and my home school goals?
When will we start building our own home on the ranch and 
finally move out of the family homestead?
What are our financial goals?  We talked about Christian's projects,
 this blog (am I done blogging?), our service in the Church and to our neighbors,
 friends, and the community.    
We must have walked nearly four miles, always choosing another path
when we'd start getting closer to home.  
We had so much to say and discuss
and we knew that once we walked in the ranch door, 
 we'd be bombarded with hungry or needy children 
 and our robust conversation would end.
Last year when Mr. Nielson and I discussed goals for 2017,
we were walking along an icy path near Provo river
holding hands and walking close for warmth.
In our chilly chat, not one mention in our list of goals
 was to sell our beloved Fox Hill, change our life, and move! 
 But I do think the Lord was preparing our family in 2017
 to be here on the ranch in 2018. 
I am grateful I listened to God's will for our family.
Moving has been a satisfying challenge.
I could have ignored the promptings.
I could have been stubborn and put my foot down.
Instead, I listened, obeyed, and humbled myself.
And it was challenging.
I am reminded that our family can do anything with the Lord.  
We can triumph through trials that seem never-ending and dark.  
We can escape sin and its wrath with peace and harmony, 
leave our comfortable places and journey 
into the wilderness with our families (or so it seems sometimes).
And we can do all of this because we know of God's strength and power.  
Our family has witnessed many miracles, some
 small and simple and some huge and obvious.
My life is a miracle, and with my life, husband,
and little family, we choose to humbly and strictly follow God.

Welcome, welcome 2018.
I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

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