Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Sun-up, sun-down

I was running the trails this morning in the frigid
 cold as I anxiously watched the sun pop up above Mt. Taylor.
It immediately warmed me up and cast a beautiful light on the ranch.
 Later this evening, I was sitting behind Mr. Nielson, who was driving a 4-wheeler
 and I watched (and felt!) the sun disappear behind the Mesa.
I felt privileged to have been able to welcome the sun and
say farewell when it was finished for the day.
This evening Mr. Nielson took us up on another beautiful 
canyon on the ranch, where we hiked up the rugged riverbed
and made hundreds of new discoveries.

It was beautiful, and everything smelled fresh and woodsy.
The boys followed what they thought were elk tracks, and the girls
and I stayed back, talking about where we wanted to put a Christmas tree
inside the ranch house, boys, and the new Albion line.
The elk tracks happened to be those of an escaped cow, 
and Angus started to whimper, and we knew it was time to go home.
We stopped to check several water tanks to be sure everything was 
working properly and to let Angus get a drink of water.
When we pulled up to the ranch house and before we
made out way in, I snapped a few photos of my
darling children so I could remember these lovely days
of all of us together, just us.
We went inside, cleaned up, made dinner, had FHE, and now
as I type this, Mr. Nielson is upstairs kissing children goodnight and
will be waiting patiently for me- or he could be fast asleep.
It's always a gamble.
I can tell the days are getting shorter, and fall has officially begun.

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