Monday, October 16, 2017


It's not every year that Friday the 13th lands in October! 
This was certainly a reason to celebrate!
I had heard about an abandoned rail station in downtown Albuquerque,
and after school and work on Friday afternoon, we decided to go into town to investigate.
We got to the rail station as the sun set and light drained from the broken-out windows.
To add to the eerie experience, I played spooky Halloween music
as we drove around the historical building, which was
 surrounded by a high chain-link fence.
 It looked like something out of a zombie movie.  
Afterward, we went to dinner, ordered way too much food, then 
rolled into the village and onto the ranch late that night.
 Mr. Nielson, Jane, and I were the only ones  
listening to The Killer's new album to keep us awake. 
(Jane is obsessed with the Killers).

Saturday night, we attended a church dance for all the youth in our area.  
Mr. Nielson and I were chaperones for the evening, and
it was pretty great to watch Clane interact with other youth (boys!)
and (slow) dance. They get their timidness from me,
(I'm so sorry, girls!). We also secretly took some great photos
of the girls slow dancing with boys that we will reveal in their
lives at just the right time.
Mr. Nielson and I awkwardly tried to get things heated up on the dance floor
and Claire told me I would probably regret everything I was doing in the morning,
((super rude)).
  Every time a slow song came on, the kids cleared the dance floor.
This is going to make me sound really old, but I hate the music
kids listen to these days. 
I would have been happy just to listen to Whitney Houston all night.

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