Friday, October 13, 2017

It just wasn't me

 Ten days ago, while I was making dinner, I felt it:
a cold sore right on the left side of my big fat bottom lip.
I called Mr. Nielson right away (he happened 
to be in town getting groceries for us).
As I suspected, my cold sore had broken through.
It was huge and painful, and every time a child would scream
 or fight, I would feel it throb as if it had its own heartbeat.
These stupid sores are directly connected to stress; I have felt stressed lately.  
This evening I got in the car and drove into town,
  just me, myself, and my cold sore.
I walked directly into the store with my head down when I got to the parking lot.
I felt out of sorts and didn't even feel like smiling.

I noticed something about halfway through my shopping experience.
This wasn't me; I don't shy away from others and
 avoid eye contact with people. This really just wasn't me.
I started to feel disappointed in myself.
  I must have seen over a hundred different people;
mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, grandmas, teenagers, and families.
I didn't make eye contact with any of them.
I realized something else: people will stare at me no matter where I go,
what I am wearing, and if I have a cold sore or not.
And I have noticed when I look directly at people and smile,
 I feel better about myself. I feel more approachable and confident,
 my heart opens, and I can share and feel light.
But best of all, I feel real genuine love for everyone 
with cold sore lips and all.

"When we open ourselves to the Spirit, we learn God's way
and feel His will." -Neill F. Marriott 

Today is a very special day, do you know why?
It's October, Friday the 13th!!!!!!!!!! 

Spiritual Enlightenment: Yielding Our Hearts to God

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